12 Famous Grief Quotes

Below are 12 of the famous quotations on grieving. You can use them for your own inspiration, memorial scrapbook pages, or as posts on Facebook and Twitter to comfort friends who have recently posted about the loss of a friend, loved one or pet. Grief quotes are also useful for condolence Emails and cards. “Grief […]

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Condolence phrases and tips for offering condolences to the grieving

Whether you need to offer condolences in a card on the telephone or in person, the condolence phrases and articles below can help you.

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Longfellow’s A Gleam of Sunshine

This is one of my favorite sympathy poems. I think it’s a beautiful tribute. A Gleam of Sunshine by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow This is the place. Stand still, my steed, Let me review the scene, And summon from the shadowy Past The forms that once have been. The Past and Present here unite Beneath Time’s […]

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Funeral Poems for Mom

Below you will find funeral poems for Mom. Some are of these sympathy mother poems are classics and some are written exclusively for our site. To find all of the funeral poems funeral poems offered on this site visit that page. Thank you for visiting. She is Gone by David Harkins You can shed tears […]

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Sympathy Cards

Finding the perfect sympathy card for your friend or loved one can be difficult. Browse from this extensive collection of sympathy and condolence cards.

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More Poems of Sympathy

The poems of sympathy below were written exclusively for SympathyCardsandMessages.com and are for your personal use for your sympathy cards and bereavement cards. If you would like to read more original sympathy poems visit this page or you can see an index of all the best poems for funerals and sympathy poetry on that page. […]

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Sympathy Card Verses

Sympathy card verses are a great choice for wording for your sympathy cards, because it’s so hard to know what to say. Perhaps some of the world’s greatest writers have already written the words to express what is in your heart. Here are some selected verses and quotations for some of the most famous poets […]

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Sympathy Card Quotes

Browse the sympathy card quotes and sympathy cards below. You can find more sympathy quotes and sympathy card wording on this site. Sympathy Quotations • When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. ~Unknown • Good men must die, but death can not kill their names. ~Proverbs • For death is […]

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Funeral Etiquette

Knowing proper funeral etiquette can really help people maneuver an incredibly difficult time. Below is an article regarding etiquette for attending services. You may also find our articles on sympathy card etiquette and sympathy gift etiquette, helpful, too. Keeping at the forefront of one’s mind the reason and purposes of the service, can help you […]

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Sympathy Gift Etiquette

Sympathy gift etiquette is often a worry for some. Hopefully this short article along with some ideas about sympathy gifts will be of help to you in this difficult time. You may also find this sympathy card etiquette page helpful, too. Sympathy Gift Etiquette It is sometimes hard to know what to say and do […]

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